What would happen if you chose to be the person who did what they felt inspired to do, regardless of what others think?

Who could you be if you stopped following others' rules?

What would your life look like if you held nothing back?

More and more women are coming together and realizing that we ALL can create the life we want, build wealth and truly have it all. We know that collaboration, community and self-care are crucial parts of building a successful business.

You can design a far greater life and career than even your wildest dreams. You already have everything you need to do it and you don't have to ask permission. The Unbothered Woman Collective is an online community to support you as you grow, level up and thrive. With branding expert + business mindset coach Laura Kirk, this exclusive group allows high-vibe, boss babes to come together and shine!

For just $99 a month, that's less than $4 per day, you will have access to support, community and coaching to give you everything you need to thrive and level up your life and business.

Each month, you have access to new and past months' tools to help your mindset, build routines for success, and manifest the life you want. Maybe you do some of the practices taught in Unbothered Woman already; think of this as a boost to your current routines, an upgrade to your thoughts and a jump start to creating your future self.

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Here's what you'll get the moment you sign up for The Unbothered Woman Collective:

(Total monthly value - $1,175)

Live Monthly Masterclass

Every month, you'll have access to a LIVE masterclass led by Laura. Each month we focus on a specific theme to help you grow personally and professionally. Topics span from how to manifest money, building self-confidence, asking for what you want, creating a growth mindset, branding your business and more. There is a corresponding workbook or journal for every session. And the replay with downloads are dropped in your dashboard for access again and again.

Special Guest Coaches + Speakers

Occasionally, Laura will invite guest coaches, mentors and speakers to add more value to your membership and help bring more collaboration and creativity to the group.

Monthly Guides + Self-Coaching Tools

To complement each month's theme, we will include meditations, breathwork exercises, affirmations, journal prompts and more to help keep you on track.

Private Facebook Group + Voxer

Join the exclusive Unbothered Woman Facebook group to get to know more about each other, support each other, collaborate and build relationships. Once you join the Collective you will be added to the Voxer Group Coaching experience where we can level up our relationships and communicate in a encrypted "text" environment. 

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What's an Unbothered Woman? 

Hey there, I’m Laura Kirk. Since 2017, I've been a brand and marketing strategist and consultant working with women business owners to build revenue-generating businesses.

I noticed that we were all struggling with the key component of building success…

Balancing self-care, family, work

✅ Living in survival mode

✅ Being affected by outside circumstances

✅ Being a people-pleaser

✅ Being afraid to create a business aligned with our values and desires

We are smart and have everything we need to build wealth, but our mindset holds us back.

The Unbothered Woman Collective takes a little bit of magic, a little bit of structure, and a lot of love to empower her clients to attract everything they want. 

It’s for the woman who feels thrown off course by outside circumstances. The woman that has doubted herself or felt defeated as soon as a person or situation in her world shifts. For the people-pleasing woman that finds herself consumed with thoughts of self-doubt. 

It’s for the woman that wants the extreme focus and mindset to build the life and business that brings abundance and freedom.  

Are you ready to tap into your most certain selves and learn what it takes to stay focused on your goals, create and lock in your self-concept, and remain unbothered despite whatever circumstances may arise? If so, let’s chat about how to become an UNBOTHERED Woman!

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Let’s get to it!


Hey there! I'm Laura, a business mindset coach, certified breathwork and meditation coach, and brand and marketing strategist. Growing up on a family farm, I understand and love what it means to own your own business. I also know as a woman, that things aren’t black and white and that the “rules” don’t work for everyone. I'm able to use my training and experience to help other women business owners shift their thoughts and mindset so they can create the life and business of their dreams.

My programs take a little bit of magic, a little bit of structure, and a lot of love to empower her clients to attract everything they want.

With a fundamental belief in connection, collaboration and creativity, I work to create an environment that fosters a community and is a safe place for like-minded women to explore, learn and grow together. I am passionate about helping  all women grow into their most certain selves and learn what it takes to stay focused on their goals, create and lock in their self-concept, and remain UNBOTHERED despite whatever circumstances may arise.

More about me

“I am a professional organizer but my business brain is a mess as a newbie... Laura organized my thoughts with me and prioritized what needed to be done first! It was nice to have that decision taken off my plate because BEFORE I would constantly second guess myself and stayed paralyzed by doing nothing to move forward.”


Whitney Gray

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